The opposite of "sinister". Not threatening, nor evil.

Here you will find some of the stuff I've been up to. Enjoy!


Devlog #4

Got some work done on Sin Eon, check out the devlog if that's your jam (if it isn't, what are you doing here?)

New Devlog host and Devlog #3

I haven't been able to work a lot on Sin Eon for the last two months, but I recently made some progress (more on that later). I'm currently hosting the devlog on itch.io, so check it out in the link below and please follow it if you have an itch.io account :)

New Devlog host!

Devlog #2

After a few weeks break I've gotten som work done. Read all about it in the devlog :)


Devlog #1

First log is live, mosey on over to read! I've decided to share my thoughts on the project as well, just because I think it might be more interesting to read for some. Enjoy.


Devlog time!

So I finally got a dev log going over at the TIGSource forums. I will try to update the devlog as often as I get work done, and of course I will link to evey new log here as well. I'm aiming for quite a transparent log, and will try to share as much as I can about the process of making SIN EON.


Small update

So the last couple of months have been spent not knowing what graphical direction to take with SIN EON, so I have redone it a couple of times. I've been really keen on creating the graphics myself, so I've tried a variety of ways to make it look pretty. What you can see in earlier screenshots here are my attempts at making it relatively high definition. High definition just isn't my thing though, so I scrapped it. I really tried not to.

I've finally settled on something that feels right: a resolution of 480x270. This means that sprites are (much) smaller, and pixels are way larger. I realize some people are put off by this, but I've come to realize that the vast majority of those would probably not play the game anyway - and in the end, I'm making the game for myself because I want this game to exist. Here's a peek at what it looks like at the moment:

I'm afraid the devlog will have to wait a little further. I have worked a lot on the menus and options systems, as well as saving systems etc. With all the groundwork done there will be a solid base to build the game upon, and I might start a devlog when all things are in order and it's time to design levels and the like. It doesn't feel too far off now at least :)

Incoming Devlog

Here's a new gif from Sin Eon. I'm looking to start keeping a devlog on the game, so that'll show up sometime in the near future. Check this space for updates on that!


There's now some more information about the game I'm working on, and I have finally named it. I call it "Sin Eon" at the moment, which I am sort of happy with. It might change in the future. Check it out under "games" and keep watching this space for more news.


This is the project I am currently working on, and have worked on for a while. After years of not finishing anything other than game jam entries, and endless prototyping, I am now doing what might amount to the most idiotic thing of all - making something I really want to make, with a large scope! My entire life I've really enjoyed stealth games, Metal Gear Solid maybe most of all.

Standard, armed guard on patrol.

Since then stealth games have evolved by incorporating more player choices, making a lot of the stealth gameplay fall behind more meaty shooting action. The newer Deus Ex games, for example, could be played entirely as shooters. In Hitman, the player can get out of a messy situation by engaging in firefights and just ignore the stealth gameplay. As I understand it this is done not entirely in the name of player freedom, but more for accessibility. Stealth games are a niche genré, and can be very off putting for players that don't enjoy the time it takes to progress through a level.

The player can use a lot of different gadgets, here's a distracting hologram for example.

The main focus of this game project is to create a stealth game that is faster, with smaller chunk sized levels that allows for a lot of creativity - all with the goal of avoiding graphic violence. I want to make a game that doesn't wave the violence like a carrot in front of the player, but still being quite action oriented. I draw influences from Metal Gear Solid, Deus Ex, Thief and Dishonored - and I hope to show you more soon.


My name is Andreas, and I'm a programmer by trade. In my spare time I make games (or try to). I'm based in the south of Sweden and I mainly (almost exclusively) work in GameMaker Studio 2 and Blender, two really cool tools that are great fun to work with, the latter even being free. I happily collaborate as well, so if that's your jam you can find my contact details below.