The opposite of "sinister". Not threatening, nor evil.



a cyberpunk stealth adventure

SIN EON is a top down stealth adventure game. The main focus of this game project is to create a stealth game that is faster, with smaller chunk sized levels that allows for a lot of creativity - all while promoting the goal of avoiding violence. I want to make a game that doesn't wave gratuitous violence like a carrot in the players face, but still being quite action oriented.

Therefore the player has access to a lot of different gadgets, and these can be used to manipulate enemy behaviour. There are both passive gadgets and usable gadgets, of which the former the player gets to choose in advance of missions. The mission briefings are thus worth reading, so as to prepare gadgets that might give an edge!


My name is Andreas, and I'm a programmer by trade. I love making games in my spare time. I'm based in the south of Sweden and I mainly work in GameMaker Studio 2 and Blender, two really cool tools that are great fun to work with, the latter even being free. GameMaker has been my go to tool for 10 years. I happily do paid commissions, so if that's your jam you can find my contact details below. I do:

  • Programming work
  • Game design consultation
  • Systems planning

I'm quite comfortable making most kinds of systems, and I am always ready for a chat about how I might help you.